Artificial Grass Maintenance


How to look after artificial grass

Easigrass artificial grass is designed and tested to withstand the best and worst of the weather, as the ultimate low-maintenance natural lawn alternative. To keep your artificial grass lawns in perfect condition for that flawless all year-round look, however, some regular maintenance care is needed. Easigrass offers a full annual professional artificial grass maintenance package nationwide, but here’s some tips and advice on keeping your garden clean and green.

Artificial grass brush

As with real grass, heavy use of the lawn may lead to some areas looking a little depressed or flattened. A stiff brush will help to lift the fibres. Imprints from the garden will lift naturally in time, but if required, a brush of the fibres will usually bring lift back into the lawn. All Easigrass installations are completed with a stabilising infill of silica sand or ZeoFill to help keep bounce and stability in the fibres.

Weed and debris removal

Regular artificial grass maintenance will help prevent a build-up of debris, moss and weeds. A protective membrane weed barrier is fitted prior to grass installation, though some weeds may still appear over time. Remove fallen leaves and dust debris with a stiff brush, leaf blower or plastic rake. Avoid using a metal rake as this may damage the turf fibres.

If airborne spore or seeds appear both on the edging and in the turf, simply pluck them out, and use a gentle weed killer to prevent them from re-growing. Overhanging branches and bushes can be cut back to prevent excessive leaf drop.

  Maintenance FAQs

Is artificial grass maintenance free?

Artificial grass is popular because it’s incredibly low maintenance compared to the regular upkeep that natural lawns require. However, to keep it looking its best, artificial grass will require professional cleaning, brushing and sweeping at least once a year. Other than that, all you need to do is keep it clear and rinse off any dirt or stains.

How do I prevent damage to my new artificial lawn?

While our Easigrass products are highly durable, there are a few areas where caution should be exercised. When barbecuing, just make sure the areas around the barbecue are protected from falling embers. If you are painting a fence or wall in your garden, pop down a sheet to cover the grass and protect it from splashes. Glue, gum and broken glass are other materials that you’ll also want to keep away from the grass. If you’ve been unlucky and your artificial lawn is damaged, just call our team who may be able to carry out some patch repairs.

Does artificial grass fade?

No, not at all. Our artificial grass is fully UV protected, so it retains its lovely lush, green colour, and we also offer an 8 year warranty against fading.

Does artificial grass flatten?

Yes, if you have a lot of traffic running over the top of the artificial grass, it will crush and bend just like real grass. But if you want it upright, all you have to do is brush it against the pile to raise it back up again.

Where does rainwater go?

Easigrass is perforated, meaning that any excess rainwater simply slips through into the soil underneath.

How to clean artificial grass

Artificial grass will usually self-clean when it rains. During prolonged dry spells, however, it is worth occasionally hosing down the lawn area to flush out any dust or dirt. Easigrass yarns used to make the grass are designed not to stain, however, if a mark does appear on the grass then first try removing it with warm water. Gentle detergents (washing up liquid) and artificial grass cleaner can be used for spills such as milk, tomato sauce, alcohol, butter, ice cream, fruit juice, mustard or blood. Use gentle diluted mineral spirits (vary sparingly) on oil-based spills such as suntan lotion, cooking oil, grease, nail polish, ink and shoe polish. Avoid using bleach on the grass.

Artificial turf maintenance for pets

Unlike natural lawns, artificial grass fibres are not damaged by animal faeces or urine. As with most surfaces, however, strong smells can build up if not washed through, particularly in hot, dry weather. We recommend owners establish a pet toilet area where mild detergents can be used to help manage smells. Easigrass has a specific range of grass for pets to help prevent odour. Easipet is specifically designed to prevent moisture retention in the fibres that leads to unpleasant urine odour build-up. This works at optimum performance with organic, odour neutralising infill, ZeoFill, which is exclusively available in the UK from Easigrass. If dog or fox urine smells become noticeable or persist, the synthetic turf can be sprayed with the Easi re-odouriser which helps to neutralise strong odours.

All weather turf maintenance

Extremes in weather can take its toll on any garden, which is why Easigrass has spent decades perfecting designs and installations throughout the world to offer you a multi award-winning range of quality, ultra-realistic artificial grass. All Easigrass products meet the highest of safety standards and are UV-protected and stabilised to withstand extremes in temperatures and weather patterns, from desert heat to snow. Fully porous, your artificial turf is designed to drain excess rain.

Snow does not have to be removed, but if you wish to do so, use a plastic shovel or a stiff brush to gently clear the area without damaging the fibres.

Prevent damage

It’s important to protect lawns around a barbecue area to prevent hot embers falling on the grass, and if you are painting in the immediate area of the grass, place a protective sheet over the area. Direct flames can cause irreversible damage to the grass, but the Easigrass team may be able to carry out seamless patch repairs.

Glue and chewing gum may cause damage and be difficult to remove. Always be aware of broken glass, as it can cut the AstroTurf fibres.

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Easi-makeover and Maintenance

An annual visit from the experienced and highly professional Easigrass team will have your lawn perfectly green and clean in no time. The Easi-Maintenance package includes:

  • Professional lawn inspection
  • Vegetation and waste matter removal
  • Intense professional lawn clean
  • Revitalising grass pile brushing
  • Latest in artificial grass cleaning technology
  • Dedicated maintenance service all year round

The Easi-Makeover covers everything from the removal of old waste matter on your lawn, such as unsightly moss and airborne spores, to checking all seam joints, sand infill levels, edging detail and possible damage caused by wildlife or fireworks. We then carry out the Easi-Intense clean and finish with the Easi-Brush to revitalise your lawn ready for the year ahead.

Debris Removal

We collect and remove all debris on your Easigrass lawn including airborne weeds, leaves and twigs.

Detailed Inspection

We carry out a full detailed inspection on the product, edging detail and joins to check the integrity of the lawn.

Deep Clean

We use specialist sanitiser products and pet de-odourising products to sanitise and clean your lawn.

Grass Re-fluff

We bring your grass back to life with our motorised power brush – this re-fluffs the fibres and de-compacts the surface.

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Contact us today by filling out a form, sending a WhatsApp or  calling us on 01926 934607

With help from our Easigrass experts, find the right product for you and book an in-person or virtual  survey

Your installation is scheduled & completed by our in-house experienced Easigrass installers

Sit back and enjoy your beautiful new Easigrass low-maintenance lawn